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A pipe saddle/shield is a rounded piece of steel that is used to protect pipe insulation from being crushed or damaged at pipe hanger locations by transmitting the weight load to the adjoining structure.

At Sioux City Insulation, we began manufacturing our own protective pipe insulation saddles and shields because we weren’t satisfied with the quality and delivery times of other saddle products on the market. After intense research, we fine tuned the saddle-making process, ultimately manufacturing Centerline Saddles, which we believe to be the finest in the industry.

You work under tight deadlines- Centerline Saddles feature a fast lead time. They are available in galvanized, heavy-gauge galvanized, or #304-2B stainless steel, and come in a wide variety of sizes and lengths, each stamped with the outside diameter of the insulation. We ship anywhere in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Center-Lok Flared Saddles:

  • “CENTERLINE SADDLES” Protective pipe insulation saddles are manufactured with “Prime Galvanized”, carbon steel G-40 min. to G-90 max. or a high quality stainless (304-2B) steel.
  • Our galvanized saddles are manufactured in gages ranging from 24 gage to 10-gage, and in sizes ranging from 1.5″ diameter through 40″diameter. These saddles are manufactured in various lengths to suit the individual customer requirements.
  • The “Center-Lok Flared Saddle” has flared ends, and a pair of center ribs. The ends are flared to protect insulation jackets. The center ribs add to the strength of the piece, and assure that the saddle is properly centered on the hanger. They also help prevent “creeping out” of the saddle due to vibration or movement of the piping system.

Product Features:

  • Ribbed for added strength
  • High-quality galvanized finish
  • Center ribs make precise placement a snap
  • Center ribs aid in preventing saddle from creeping out due to vibration or movement
  • Flared for protection of insulation jacket

We suggest using wood blocks in addition to Centerline Saddles to guarantee that pipe insulation is not compressed at hanger locations. Our wood blocks are pre-bagged with the size and quantity marked on the box for ease of use at the job site.

Product Features:

  • Precision cut to match insulation wall thickness
  • Professionally pre-bagged, boxed and labeled for ease of use

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